• The virtues of temporary ejaculatory abstinence versus quenching the fires of horniness

    I have carried on with my temporary ejaculatory abstinence, as propounded by Chia in "The Multi-Orgasmic Man". I am even more aroused than I would otherwise have been, and I have learnt to love that feeling of horniness, instead of being frustrated by it, and then NEEDING to have a short wet orgasm to quench the fires.
    I still love my wet orgasms – occasionally – but in between times, I get aneros-less random p-waves, mini-Os and even the odd dry-O, and if I focus on my prostate and think erotic thoughts, these occur almost at will, and are even more intense. The slightest PC muscle contractions bring on these p-waves and Os, and NOW, these have also been joined by anal quivering, that does the same. I also enjoy masturbating to wave after wave of dry Os, and much the same happens in sex. It is like I am discovering my sexuality and my body for the first time – again.
    I had a series of intense anal quiverings and PC muscle contractions yesterday, and decided that since I had some time available at last, I would be very self-indulgent, and have an aneros session. My model of choice was the eupho.
    I didn't do a lot of prep – the immediacy of my horniness was enough. I lubed up, slowly inserted the eupho, and had an instant very intense dry orgasm, that made me scream out louder than I think I can remember. I liked the initial coldness of the eupho – like an ice cube on a nipple, I suppose?
    On a side-note, I have been reading about women's orgasmic vocalisation – an odd subject for a gay man, but it proves I am broad-minded, if nothing else – and this brought to mind that multiple orgasmic women and myself at least, have one thing in common. I used to moan and gasp at my wet orgasms, but since starting with the aneros, and getting regular dry orgasms, I have noticed that this propensity to scream at the point of orgasm, has increased. I wonder if there is any connection?
    The rest of my session continued with lots of dry O's. I had a warm, fizzing feeling around my prostate, abdomen, and perineum for a short while, and also a ticklish feeling in the tip of the glans on my penis – both have never happened before. I've had the feeling before, of electricity coursing over the surface of my internal organs, flickering and fizzing from one to another, and I was delighted to be having these sensations again. Erections were few and far between, but this never bothers me. The sense of the sensations growing is much stronger, and my relaxation and breathing definitely promotes this. My brain is definitely involved, because there is also an increased euphoria, as if I'd had an instant injection of alcohol or something.
    I also find that the intense legasms of several months ago, have now been replaced by a buzzing sensation. My arms can move dramatically at times, and my abdomen is very active causing my knees to rapidly and recurringly bounce up to my chest from the laying on my back, feet flat on the bed position. It has occurred to me that my body likes the more positive contact of the eupho with my prostate, and deliberately provokes this creasing up in ecstasy. I get out of breathe when this happens; the sensations are extremely intense. The repetitions of this generally last 15 to 20 seconds or so, during which times my knees jump up 8 to 10 times.
    Even more amazing is that the dry-Os and all these associated events, lasted for 2 hours. Normally after one hour, the sensations begin to fade, and nothing much happens, but this time, they were not showing any sign of stopping. I stopped for purely practical reasons, not because I'd had enough.
    And after all of that, I still feel delightfully horny. Compare and contrast with a wet orgasm, where there is release – for sure – but afterwards no horniness what-so-ever, and one is condemned to a very slow rise back to the pinnacle of arousal, at between 2 to 4 days.
    I am sticking with temporary ejaculatory abstinence, because it makes me feel more sexual than I probably have done since puberty, and because it is delivering the orgasmic goods. The transition to this phase, was short and an act of faith, but it was well worth while. The combination of this, and my aneros use has been life changing in so many ways.

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