• Session with leg in plaster – aneros-induced healing?

    I was working at home yesterday, and getting hassled and stressed, when it hit me – I needed to have an aneros session. I say it hit me, because it did – it was a SUDDEN intense desire, and I knew I had to do it. I was home alone, needed a break from work, and so why not?
    Of course, having a leg in plaster after a knee operation makes it a bit difficult to get all the bits one needs for a session together, and also restricts one’s movements and position somewhat. Having worked out how to do it, I lubed the aneros, and shot 2 ml of lube into my arse with the syringe, and started to insert. Straight away there was a tremendous sensation that filled my body with what I can only describe as something like a sudden shot of alcohol – it was as if I became instantly drunk and incredibly relaxed. I moaned in appreciation.
    Once the aneros had settled in place, there were some immediate mini-orgasms that came over me like a shiver. Some relaxation, and then the dry orgasms started. The slightly inebriated sensation carried on. The aneros would also very rapidly cause an explosion of sensation all over my body and repeat, causing me to shout out “oh, oh OH!” repeatedly, in the bliss of it all. I decided the shortest frequency of repetition matched my heart rate. The aneros was drawn deep inside me each time. There were tens of these dry orgasms, but even the spaces between were sublime.
    At one point there were several shivery mini-orgasms when it felt like there was electricity tracking across my body from my abdomen, or head, down my right leg to my damaged knee. This has happened before without the aneros, and I am wondering what the mechanism for this is? It usually happens when I relax. I don’t remember this ever before. Is it possible that my accumulated sexual energy, once converted to "chi" is helping to "heal" the damage, as the Taoists say it can?
    The eupho carried on with its magic. It felt like a great fit with my tight arse, as the other end tickled my prostate. Several times I recognised a tingling sensation building up in the region of the prostate, as my abdominal muscles vibrated, and I loved that feeling too. I wonder now if the sensation I feel in my prostate is actually the PC muscles quivering, and whether this tingling is more of that? It was all very enjoyable and interesting. There was some modest leg shaking, but nowhere near as much as in sessions a few months ago. The overwhelming feeling now is of complete and utter relaxation, to the point of inebriation, interspersed by periods of high drama as the dry orgasms hit, repeat a few times, and then subsided.
    A thoroughly fulfilling session, despite the knee, and despite or because of the work-stress that had gone before. I love my aneros.

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