• Anerosless Ecstasy and Auto-Thrusting

    Had a horny morning yesterday, and thought I should add it to the blog.
    Woke up very horny, and began nipple stimulation whilst still half asleep. My nipples had been stimulated already by the duvet cover, and as soon as I touched them, mini-orgasms started. I continued – my penis swelled really hard and jumped as my PC muscles contracted, and in so doing, also massaged my prostate. I could feel my prostate swelling, and remembering to relax and breathe, an intense dry orgasm started and lasted for about 6 seconds. In this time, my abdomen and arse muscles vibrated, and the lower half of my body jumped around – sometimes it is like auto-thrusting (for want of a better description), only much faster than would normally occur in sex for example.
    More relaxing, and more deep breathing, and then another dry orgasm, and then another emanating from the decline of the former. On it goes, getting more and more intense – the dry orgasms lasting longer and the gaps between getting shorter. At this point my penis becomes less hard with each dry orgasm, and my foreskin is filled with precum. I begin masturbating to near the point of no return, and sink back each time, into a chain of dry orgasms. I am gasping aloud at each one, my breathe becomes shorter and MUCH faster, and my body begins to feel hot and sweaty. After 40 minutes of almost reaching the point of no return many times, and sinking back into orgasm afterwards, the dry orgasms are very frequent, and each one probably lasts for 10 to 15 seconds. Even in the lulls between, my abdominal and leg muscles vibrate deliciously.
    I seem to reach a crescendo – each orgasm now is separated by a tiny gap. My abdomen is in super fast auto-thrust mode, and I am gasping very loudly all the time. Then the head of my penis makes contact with the duvet, and I continue to dry orgasm for perhaps 30 seconds, the feeling is so intense….BUT that is when I realise that the contact with the duvet has turned this into something else, as the dry orgasms turns its self into a wet one, and cum shoots then pours from my still auto-thrusting cock.
    OK – it wasn't what I intended, but it was still great, and all without the aneros inserted. Even though I wanked myself to near to the point of no return perhaps 25 to 30 times, I have never cum hands-free during my anerosless masturbatory/dry orgasmic sessions. In a way this was a mistake, practising temporary ejaculatory abstinence as I do, but it is one I will live with. Having reset the clock as it were, it is time to start ejaculatory abstinence all over again. I will have to live with the temporary decline in sexual energy. Already this morning, a day later, I can feel it coursing through my veins once more. Tomorrow would seem like a great day for another aneros session. We shall see if the opportunity presents itself?

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