• An update

    It’s been a while since my last post, so I thought I would write a little something. It’s been pretty busy this year, with limited time to use the Helix Syn, but I’ve taken the chance when I can. I’ve also tried to do more…

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  • A change of pace

    As I noted in my last post, I ordered the Peridise, and it arrived. I very briefly took it for a spin (the larger of the set that is) earlier in the week, but today (Saturday) was my first chance to give it an extended…

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  • Previous week, general notes

    So, Wednesday was my “day off” from the Helix Syn. I decided to try out the “Bendy Beads” anal toy I got at the same time as the Helix and had tried a couple times. It looked fun, but I’m liking it less, and now…

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  • Nov 1

    So, as expected I had a chance to use the Helix today. I used the Astroglide. It seemed slippery enough, altough it was so thin that it was tricky to get it to go where I wanted and not just drip all over the place….

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  • Sunday, Oct. 30, 2016

    My previous session was on Wednesday evening, so 4 days ago. I will say, just for comparison, that it was OK, but nothing special. I have found my fatigue and frame of mind at the end of a long day at work often results in…

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  • General intro

    I was inspired by the “Invitation to Blog” post… I was thinking this evening that it might be helpful to keep some notes for my own benefit. If anyone else finds them useful, that would be a bonus. Just a general intro… I am in…

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