• Previous week, general notes

    So, Wednesday was my “day off” from the Helix Syn. I decided to try out the “Bendy Beads” anal toy I got at the same time as the Helix and had tried a couple times. It looked fun, but I’m liking it less, and now somewhat regret the purchase. It’s just too unwieldy to manage.
    Thursday, back with the Helix, had an OK session, about an hour. Good, nothing new to mention.
    Saturday, I only had about 1/2 hour and decided to just do a “quickie” and see what I could accomplish. As it turns out, not much.. this was not really a surprise as I knew I wouldn’t have time to really relax etc.
    Sunday (today)… hmm. Almost 2 hours worth. This was very good; I felt I reached a new level of using the Helix. I was able to reach a level of warm, tingling sensation, with the Helix feeling like it’s moving independently, especially feeling like it was pushing out.. but I was able to keep it going for a while, rather than having it be over relatively quickly. This happened several times, and it was easier to find my way back to this peak after coming down. Very nice all around. Then… about 4 hours later, I couldn’t resist, I wanted to give it another try just for a bit before dinner. This was another 30-40 time period, with better results (because I was “primed” from my earlier work, I think). It was still a “rush job” though, but I used the chance to try out some different positioning.
    Oh, so Saturday, why did I only have 1/2 hour? I waited too long to start, because I was waiting for the mail to come. I ordered the Peridise and was looking forward to trying it out, since the tracking said it would be delievered that day, but it wasn’t. I’m intrigued by it and am looking forward to trying it out when it finally gets here.


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      11/07/2016at12:38 pm

      @PassingThru I have a set of silicone anal beads and will use them only occasionally, and only when my body “wants them”. Do you know how sometimes your prostate is begging you for a session? That is the same way with the beads. Keep them, but use them only when your body tells you that it needs them! Trust me, you will be rewarded!

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      11/07/2016at8:13 pm

      @PassingThru your enthusiasm is refreshing! Keep writing about your journey; we want to follow your progress. Enjoy!

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      11/12/2016at9:27 pm

      @goldenboy, thanks for the comment. In this case my dissatisfaction with this particular toy is because it is too big (the last of the 5 “beads” is really at to limit for me size-wise) so when I use it is is very awkward since it’s not all the way in. I definitely like the general concept, and I think a different set of beads will make more sense for me.

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