• Sunday, Oct. 30, 2016

    My previous session was on Wednesday evening, so 4 days ago. I will say, just for comparison, that it was OK, but nothing special. I have found my fatigue and frame of mind at the end of a long day at work often results in a less interesting Aneros session than when I am better rested on the weekend, but I generally take what I can get in terms of my schedule.
    My previous technique had been to lie down after insertion and just relax, usually reading something for about 10 minutes, to clear my mind and let everything “settle down” with the Helix, and then proceed to work on some contractions or whatever I was thinking about trying, and see what happened.
    Today, however, after a bit more than 5 minutes, I started feeling a tingling, warm sensation around the Helix. I have felt this before, but generally not so early in the session. So I decided to resist the temptation to do any contractions or anything and just breathe and concentrate on feeling what was happening. I continued to have the tingling sensation as I worked on deep breathing. I sort of alternated between concentrating on the breathing and sensations; doing some erotic visualization; and thinking about situations at work or errands needing to be done. (No, the last was not voluntary or planned, dammit, but my mind wandered and sometimes I had to refocus.)
    At any rate, I would say I was moving between three different states: tingling and warmth, but no conscious perception of any motion of the Helix; a feeling that there was definitely some small movement going on, with the P-tab feeling like it was moving; and finally a more ecstatic level where it felt like the Helix was being pushed out due to more active movements. I kind of went back and forth between all of these states, trying to concentrate on breathing and letting things take thier course naturally.
    After about an hour I was feeling like things were moving ahead a little more, and I added a PC muscle contraction and found it heightened all the feeling from the Helix. At this point, I felt more tightening and spasming, and had a small amount of fluid leakage (definitely not a full ejaculation)–the first time that had happened.
    After resting a bit and re-focusing on what was happening with the Helix, I decided it was time for a little more lube. After I got back in bed, it was harder to re-focus, and I looked at some porn, which let me focus on something else and not worry so much about what was happening with the Helix. After a few minutes, I was getting the warm tingle a bit more, though not as strong as before, and I worked on some contractions, which were good, but it was clear I wasn’t going back to the same height of buildup that I had had before. After about 1 hr 45 minutes total I called it quits, feeling very satisfied.
    I generally use the Helix whenever I have some extended time alone. This usually results in 2 sessions a week, sometimes 3. This particular week I have several days off, so I will be trying to resist the temptation to overdo it. I am planning to try again on Tuesday and Thursday, giving me alternating days.
    I’m also going to pick up some Astroglide and see what I think of it compared to what I have been using–System JO H20, which was recommended by the clerk at the store where I bought the Helix.


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      10/30/2016at11:50 pm

      @PassingThru welcome to the Blog section of this site; you will get encouragement and great suggestions from seasoned members such as @BigGlansDC, @goldenboy and newly joined @SOwithoutAneros. Feel free to share, ask or comment on what you experience in your journey or what you read here.
      We all share a common goal and this is the place to express yourself, something you often can’t do amongst your close ones in your world.
      BTW, good blog!

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      10/31/2016at9:26 am

      Hello @PassingThru! Welcome to Aneros! it is always great to read new blogs from fellow “members”. Don’t hesitate to keep-up with your blog! Not only will it make for useful reading for others, but you may find that it will help you advance in your Aneros journey! There can be many sexual twists and turns along the way, as you will discover! You will find real “friends” here that you can trust.

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