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    It’s been a while since my last post, so I thought I would write a little something. It’s been pretty busy this year, with limited time to use the Helix Syn, but I’ve taken the chance when I can. I’ve also tried to do more with the Peridise, and the last few weeks have been using it more.
    As with the Helix, I’ve found that I can try to consciously manipulate it (contract/loosen) and it’s very nice, but that I can go to a next level if I can just relax, do some deep breathing, etc. As with the Helix Syn, I find it helps to just read something (non-erotic) for a few minutes just to avoid focusing on what’s going on down there and generally relax. Then deep breathing coupled with conscious relaxation.. or at least avoiding of any conscious contraction as much as possible.. yields really good results. (“Mindful Anerosing” as @BigGlansDC says.)
    An interesting thing about the Peridise is, if I have some time and patience, it makes me hard. I usually don’t have a erection when using the Helix Syn, but lately as I’ve gotten used to the Peridise, it’s giving me erections for a lot of the time, and I’m also more likely to have some fluid leakage.
    Today I tried something for the first time and got really good results. I was about to use the Peridise for about 45 minutes and then about 3 hours later, I was able to use the Helix Syn for about a half hour. This was really nice, kind of getting warmed up with the Peridise, and then was really primed to take advantage of the prostate stimulation from the Helix Syn. Unfortunately I didn’t have a lot of time, but it resulted it probably my hardest drygasm to date, and I am definitely going to experiment more with using both of them in succession.

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      07/30/2017at1:52 am

      yes, i am single, i also self massage for fluid, inserted, in bed, and usually within 10 minutes, fluid will run continuously then stop, and its done, and i feel a lot less tense, without the release need i had before fluid massage. it is not orgasmic, i do not climax, and yet fluid is expressed and i feel better clinically, i am not as sexually tense later. i would like to talk more about this, on Skype, if possible?

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