• Nov 1

    So, as expected I had a chance to use the Helix today. I used the Astroglide. It seemed slippery enough, altough it was so thin that it was tricky to get it to go where I wanted and not just drip all over the place.
    So, then with the Helix in, lying down and reading. Once again after about 5 minutes I felt the “tingle” starting. I tried to relax and let it go for a few minutes–slow, deep breathing and nipple stim. This time something different happened… I got hard. My Aneros experiences so far have mostly been erection-free, but this time the pulsating of the P-tab seemed to lead directly to my penis. At this point I decided to wait it out and see what happened… though I had a pretty strong compulsion to clamp down with my PC muscle, I decided to wait and see what would happen. After a short while I reached a plateau of the involuntary Helix motions and then started to relax, and the erection went away.
    After a couple minutes of relaxing and breathing the tingling came back, and another erection, though not quite as hard as the first one. At this point I was feeling another buildup and I gave in to the impulse to do some contractions. I had some very pleasurable spasms, but it felt like there was more to come.
    At this point about 1/2 hour in, the lubricant situation was clearly not very good. I took a break and applied some of the JO H20. At this point I’m not impressed with the Astroglide, but I think I’ll give it another try before I give up on it. (I like the JO, but I’d like to have an alternative I can buy locally at a drugstore etc.)
    So, back in bed, I sort of started over, just relaxing to see what would happen. I felt aroused (though no more erections), and as time progressed, along with looking at some porn, I was feeling some involuntary shaking of my hips. I tried to relax and let this take its course. As things moved along I spent more time contracting my PC and anal muscles. It feels good to just clamp down hard and stay there, but that does not seem to lead anywhere, so I try not to do it too much or for too long. What I tried to do was relax about halfway, and this got some really good results, keeping the pressure on while still being relaxed enough to let the Helix move around a bit. I have not done this “halfway” bit before, but I clearly need to explore it more. Also, with the movements, I felt like I was starting to actually feel my prostate–it helped to visualize the shape of the Helix and where it is in relation to the prostate. With all the movement around, I reached a point where it really felt like I needed to ejaculate, but I didn’t, and after a few seconds at that peak I started to subside. I believe this may be what @rumel wrote about in “Super-O Myths & Illusions” that there is no “edge” to go over.
    At this point I was almost 2 hours in and knew I needed to stop soon, but of course I didn’t want to. At this point I had been lying on my back, and my back was a bit stiff, so I decided to try on all fours for a bit.. a position I like, and that I find comfortable for my back, but that I haven’t had much success with as far as the Helix goes. I concentrated on the “halfway” contraction of the anal/PC muscles, and worked on manipulating the Helix. I continued for about 15 more minutes and got some light involuntary movements going, but at this point it not only time to stop, I was clearly getting tired, so I called it a day.


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      11/02/2016at1:15 pm

      @PassingThru thanks for sharing. What you describe is not unlike my sessions; every one of them seems better than the last and in every one, you feel ‘the moment’ might be just around the corner and then the slightest thing distracts you and it’s gone. Don’t dispair, it will happen and it might be when you least expect it.
      BTW, I hate it when I see the time go by and I know I have to wrap things up. Often, it is when I’m at the peak of my good feelings, leaving me tingling for more. I always look forward to the next one.

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      11/07/2016at3:17 am

      Yes, I agree, it is hard to leave it and go do something else!

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      12/09/2016at4:24 am

      @PassingThru, I run Astroglide liquid and gel for my sessions. I coat the Helix or Progasm with the gel and pre-lube 3-5ml depending on the player and I end my sessions still well lubricated.

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