• A change of pace

    As I noted in my last post, I ordered the Peridise, and it arrived. I very briefly took it for a spin (the larger of the set that is) earlier in the week, but today (Saturday) was my first chance to give it an extended try.
    It was an interesting change of pace. I started out lying on my side, just letting everythign settle in. After a while I tried some anal contractions. After my experiences with the Helix, it did not take long to figure out how to set off somen repetitive contractions. There were a couple instances where I got a very light tingling similar to when I use the Helix, but these were not pronounced and didn’t last long. However, without the angled shape and the P-tab, not nearly as intense as the Helix. Overall, very enjoyable, and a nice addition. (And I also hope it will help out with my minor issues with hemorrhoids.)
    But then…
    I went in to the bathroom, intending to sit on the toilet and remove it. I relaxed and pushed it out till I felt the first of the 2 small knobs (closer to the large bulb end) was almost out. And then, why not, I tightened up and let it pull itself back in for one last bit of use. And .. this was completely different from what I had gotten lying on the bed. The stimulation at the anus with the second small knob was really intense and I felt the involuntary motion of the Peridise in a way I had not lying on the bed. I don’t know if it was the angle of my legs, or simply gravity having an influence with the Peridise pointed more or less straight down, but something was definitely happening. I will have to experiment further.
    For now, it’s been a week since I have used the Helix, so I’ll be working with it tomorrow if I have the chance.


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      11/12/2016at10:11 pm

      Hey, @PassingThru, thanks for your post.
      It perhaps gave me a hint how to manage my Tempo by which I have had similiar experiences.
      Good luck and good vibes!

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      11/13/2016at1:30 am

      @PassingThru thank you for sharing; very interesting! We don’t often read about the Peredise model. I’m anxious to read about your future adventures with it.

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      12/09/2016at4:17 am

      Im thinking of picking up the Peridise set and maybe a Tempo. I’d like to hear more feedback from your Peridise experience.

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      01/21/2017at1:32 am

      Start with the large peridise. This is completely anal, not hitting the prostate. As soon as it is working, decrease the size. The two smallest are best for me. I just lube it, insert, and lie back to let it work. Maybe put on some smooth jazz. I get quick anal clenches. The waves hit pretty hard from level two to sudden level eight or nine excitement. It’s good for about an hour before it turns into a tiny butt plug. I have a couple of videos at YuVuTu. Free. Search for Aneros.
      My Eupho Syn rides me for hours. Wave troughs are about 7, peaks at 10 … my max. More gentle action than the sudden hit from the Peridise.

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      01/21/2017at1:34 am

      Decrease the size next time, not the same session.

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