• After a month of lackluster sessions……WHAM

    Started wondering where the feeling had gone. Not that SO’s were bad during the past month to month an a half but they just didn’t hit the spot like they had been previously. Well, last four sessions over the past two weeks have hit new…

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  • Been a while

    SO’s are not what they once were. They’ve lost their intensity over the past few sessions. I am finding with all the Aneri I have that less movement is more. I think I’ve been trying to hard and working the device far more than it…

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  • Getting some erection benefit

    Started about three weeks ago. Started getting some new sensations and just a hint of an erection during my sessions. Since then that spot gets stimulated every session and my erections are MUCH firmer and more consistent than they’ve been in many months. Not getting…

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  • Abstience makes a better session

    Been six days since my last session. Did not intend to go this long today but things were just so good I didn’t want to stop. Still not having the same level of back to back O’s I had a few sessions ago. had a…

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  • Starting to have multiple, multiples

    Seems I’ve moved from just having SO’s to having stacked SO’s. The SO hits and if followed almost immediately by another SO of somewhat lower intensity. I’ve had five or six stacked like this. Once this passes it isn’t long before another big SO hits….

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  • Incredible A-less session today

    I just had an a-less session I never imagined was possible. Woke up this morning to breakfast. Put on some nipple suckers I bought and had them on for thirty minutes or so. I REALLY like these things. They make my nipples SO sensitive. There’s…

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  • New highs.

    Things keep getting better. Tired of posting this repeatedly but, it’s the truth. This was my first session in almost a week. Wife had to be out of the house this morning at 0800. Knowing morning sessions are better for me I took advantage of…

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  • Keeps getting better

    Seem to be able to get to SO’s a LOT quicker and they are a LOT more intense lately. Still some lackluster sessions but today’s lackluster is last weeks awesome! The organic shortening has easily become my lube of choice. It doesn’t break down. Not…

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  • New high today

    Morning. On chest with pillows under hips. Some lack-luster sessions lately. Don’t know what happened but just didn’t hit the usual highs. That changed today, big time! Had a bit of time this morning so I cleaned out, lubed up, and popped in the Progasm….

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  • YES! The PC muscles are the biggest contributor!

    So, today was a GREAT day. Focused solely on using my PC muscles and limiting rectal muscle usage as much as possible. What a freakin’ difference! Surprised how sore I am after an hour today and what I did yesterday. Been working out the wrong…

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