• New high today

    Morning. On chest with pillows under hips.

    Some lack-luster sessions lately. Don’t know what happened but just didn’t hit the usual highs.

    That changed today, big time!

    Had a bit of time this morning so I cleaned out, lubed up, and popped in the Progasm. No more than two minutes, really, and I had mt first SO. Second was within a minute. These were about what I’ve been getting lately but, still good. Then the BIG ones started. I mean screaming into the bed pulling on the mattress big ones, and this over and over. I’m easily tall enough to grab the top end of the mattress and hook my toes over the bottom end. I haven’t pulled this hard ever. I bet I’m sore tomorrow. I’d SO then start thrashing a bit on the bed and have another smaller SO while trembling, incredible. Didn’t want to stop but had things to do.

    Second session two-and-a-half hours later was the same if not better. NEVER had SO’s like these before and repeating. Got up a couple times to pee but when back on the bed things fired back up. Gave up some afternoon plans just to ride this train for a while longer.

    Third session, two hours after the second, was like the first. Fast start, big SO’s.

    You think you’ve hit the top and then you find the new level. What an incredible journey it’s been.


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