• Incredible A-less session today

    I just had an a-less session I never imagined was possible.

    Woke up this morning to breakfast. Put on some nipple suckers I bought and had them on for thirty minutes or so.
    I REALLY like these things. They make my nipples SO sensitive. There’s some pain involved using them but it’s
    a good pain! Finally, it was time to get ready to head off for work.

    My nipples were unusually sensitive and I was playing with them on the drive to work. Actually had three or four
    nipple orgasms on the way in. Long, wide, empty highway so there wasn’t a lot of danger.

    After I got off this afternoon I was playing with my nipples again on the drive home and had the same. Few really
    intense O’s.

    Got home and decided to take a nap. Woke up and resumed playing with my nipples while still on my back in bed. Didn’t
    take long for things to start really rocking and rolling. I’d had great pleasure in my groin before while doing this but nothing
    ever like today. This pleasure sensation started at my prostate and spread down my perineum to my asshole, up my butt
    cheeks, down the inside of my thighs, even had some penile twitching. It finally started building in my lower abdomen
    before the O would hit.

    Finally, just out of curiosity, I rolled over on my chest and spread my legs a bit. Suddenly I was getting auto-fucking
    contractions and WHAM! I had an SO like I’d never had before. I found this MUCH more pleasurable than the SO
    I get while using an Aneros. Wasn’t long before another hit, then another. This was great!

    I’d read a post where someone said they enjoyed their A-less orgasms more than regular Aneros orgasm. If they were
    getting what I was getting today I understand why. This is convenient too! No need to clean up or use lube. No mess
    to worry about or clean up.

    This will require some experimentation. I wonder how much nipple stimulation I’ll need before I can hit the same A-less
    highs I hit today?

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