• Abstience makes a better session

    Been six days since my last session. Did not intend to go this long today but things were just so good I didn’t want to stop.

    Still not having the same level of back to back O’s I had a few sessions ago. had a few today but not like them.

    I’m a happy guy right now!



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      04/14/2019at12:12 pm

      Have found that abstinence does make me hornier and more sensitive! Things get going more quickly after abstaining for awhile! Have not experienced any difficulty getting back to where I was -‘usually is better!

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      04/14/2019at1:00 pm

      @newjoytoy Couldn’t agree more with you! I had my first session in over 2 weeks this morning with the Helix-Trident. Totally wiped me out! Perhaps I should consider “spacing” out my sessions longer for maximum impact! It felt like my prostate “remembered” everything it liked from before!

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