• SR 2 – Exploratory session

    Tried to just find my prostrate, so not so much a session as just a spelunking expedition. Not sure, kinda think maybe I did. I did a lot of manual movement trying to find what feels good. Had some sensations so I guess I hit…

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  • MB – Pumping

    Got a penis pump yesterday, first time was frustrating, but got myself hard enough with a cock ring to maintain a useable erection, not great, but useable. Read about ED & pumps, makes sense that it could help. I will try to pump daily for…

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  • SR #7 OK session – MB

    No meditation to start, it did not seem to hurt or help my session. Lots of warm fuzzy all over feelings, pretty good pleasure from my nipples. After about an hour or so I rolled over and tried to do nothing, focus on the music….

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  • SR #4 Expecting nothing

    Started with 15 minutes guided meditation. Nice relaxed session. No hard on. Caught myself chasing feelings when they built up, trying not to do that. I did pretty good one time, trying to just stay where I was. Kind of a overall “warm” feeling sort…

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  • MB 9-5

    Not sure what is up with me right now, out of control.

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  • MB oh boy

    Well writing my last blog entry I got horny again. Went took a pill and had another quickie with the flesh light. It was really good, pretty strong intensity, not super hard. Not surprising since it was such a short time. Since I’m planning on…

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  • MB – great day

    I have not had a proper hard on / orgasm since getting my Aneros. I was missing it and set out today to have a good old fashioned masturbation session. I took a pill at 9 am, I also did some nipple play, I can’t…

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  • MB – 10 days later

    8-29-2019 Back from the beach and a 10 day break from sex, aside from looking for bikini clad babes on the beach with my cousins. Spent the first night with the Helix in. Some pleasant feelings before going to bed. Woke up and spent time…

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  • What happened? Mind Noise?

    08-10-2019 – (forum post) I had a really amazing session the other day, and in the midst of my blissful feelings, my mind wandered away. It was almost like a detached brain thing and I was trying to go through the checklist to figure out…

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  • Overthinking it all

    8-7-2019 through 8-18-2019 I had several sessions that were only so-so, I think I had expectations from the awesome overnight session. These were frustrating for me. I did spend a lot of time reading posts in the forum trying to figure out what the magic…

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