• MB – great day

    I have not had a proper hard on / orgasm since getting my Aneros. I was missing it and set out today to have a good old fashioned masturbation session. I took a pill at 9 am, I also did some nipple play, I can’t believe how amazing they are now. I am getting much more arousal from them and find myself wanting to touch them every time I take my shirt off.

    I wanted to stretch it out a bit, but not too much, sometimes I go too far teasing and then lose it. I did some computer work and seemed to be having Aless? I had some very nice feelings I was not expecting. I was not thinking of anything sexual, doing computer stuff and a warm feeling came over me. First time for me, not much, but very cool.

    I suddenly decided I wanted to put in the peridise – small, even though I actually wanted to keep this cock centered. I wore it while I went about some chores. I went to my computer and listened to the touching track and played with my cock, nipples, balls. I loved looking at my hard cock. Spent about 15 minutes enjoying and teasing. Then I ran to the store to pick up a few things, I wore the peridise. Upon getting back I was fully aroused, super horny, so I got to work on my cock. It was a pretty amazing orgasm. I left the peridise in during this session and it did not seem to interfere which was one of my concerns.

    I was slightly worried I had lost it, I took a pill another time and did a session trying to go for a super T, but I lost my hard on, very frustrating. I have always thought my ED was at least partly mental, so I am curious if it will improve as I train my mind and body to think of other things and find pleasure elsewhere in my body.

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