• What happened? Mind Noise?

    08-10-2019 – (forum post)

    I had a really amazing session the other day, and in the midst of my blissful feelings, my mind wandered away. It was almost like a detached brain thing and I was trying to go through the checklist to figure out what feelings I was having. As I think back on that, I think, what the heck was I doing? (Shhhhhhhhh) be still brain.

    Then afterwards I was trying to think back on what happened and compare it to my limited knowledge of what I’m “supposed” to feel. And then I thought, who cares? I don’t care what Joe felt, for what Sam felt. Let this “thing” just take you where it wants to go. I seem to have limited control anyway, and pretty much everywhere I go has been awesome.

    (Note to self) SHUT UP… Just ride the sessions and enjoy them. They are all unique so far. Some of the feelings are the same and some are different. This is really a heck of a journey, I had no idea I could feel like this without an erect penis.

    I’ve been using a guided meditation for the first 15 minutes to relax my mind and body. And I have also fallen in love with binaural beats. And this is going to sound touchy feely, but I feel like I’m achieving some sort of inner peace. Huuuummmmmmm……
    This whole journey has been surreal, wonderful, peaceful, exciting. And many other things that I can’t even describe. After this really intense session I so wanted to talk to someone about it. But it’s like I live in a different world and I have no face-to-face human I can discuss this with. So I am so thankful to this forum that I can share my most inner secrets with other men that understand what I am feelin

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