• SR #7 OK session – MB

    No meditation to start, it did not seem to hurt or help my session. Lots of warm fuzzy all over feelings, pretty good pleasure from my nipples. After about an hour or so I rolled over and tried to do nothing, focus on the music. I seemed to want to move the Aneros some. I rested a while doing little moving to nothing. Then moved and tried different positions, my arousal built at this time. Then a new track came on, my native american track and I immediately got really horny. I did some fantasizing about Indian maidens watching me and slowly disrobing. I got pretty hot. When I realized I was tensing, and (maybe chasing?) I tried to slow down and relax, but that seemed to take the edge off my arousal.

    Maybe my arousal is still wired to the traditional penile orgasm of building to a conclusion. But I am working on it and being aware of these things are good. I tried to go on a “balloon” ride, going along and having no idea where I am going. Some pretty amazing feelings, lots of arousal, up and down like waves. “General pleasure throughout session” I have not had an erection since the first one or two times.

    Ended with masturbation.

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