• Progress or not?

    Finally got a chance to enjoy a session last night and my tool of choice was my Helix Syn. The session was great but I cheated a little. Initially, I was not that horny so I tuned in on some good porn, something I have been trying to avoid. It’s hard to just watch a little; it’s like Lays chips, you can’t eat just one…
    Anyways, the session was very good. I climb all the way up and seem to stay right on the edge for the entire session. I know, no expectations but you can’t help thinking; is this the night I bloom?
    This old prostate needs more rewiring before yielding dividends I guess. Next one should be Friday night.

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      07/14/2016at10:32 pm

      I forgot to mention, I indulged in an hour long Aless session today (no porn this time) and again, good feelings but no fireworks. I’m not complaining; all these great feelings I never had them before Aneros. I can now just sit and do a few contractions and good feelings emerge. This also happens often during the night specially if I wake up with an erection.

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