• First encounter with the Progasm Ice

    Well, last night I had my first encounter with my new Progasm Ice and and here are a few details.
    First, I lubed up, lubed the monster and slowly started inserting it. My anus, being used to the gentle curvature of the Helyx Syn started questioning my sanity as I was gently pushing it in further. Not a comfortable feeling at all. Eventually, it slid all the way in and now my rectum was screaming “who parked a nuclear sub in here?”. At that point, I was tempted to pull it out and cancel this session altogether but I persisted. It took a few minutes to get somewhat used to this new toy and as I settled down and relaxed, the feeling got better. There is no doubt the differences between the HS and the PI are very noticeable.
    At first, I was laying on my back to get the feel of it and things immediately started to get agitated. I got p-waves in my lower abdomen and penis. I could really feel the added pressure on my prostate and this is what I was seeking. Soon after, my session was interrupted and had to run upstairs. I did so with the ‘sub’ still inside; (I was even able to pee with it parked inside). When I resumed, I tried laying on my side.
    With six months of playing with my Helyx Syn, I found I really had to concentrate to maintain the feel of the toy on my prostate along with all the feelings tied to that contact. With the Progasm Ice, the feel is there constantly and so are all the effects and feelings tied to it.
    All in all, I am happy I graduated to the Aneros big boys’ toy league and I look forward to my journey into the next level.


    • Avatar for GGringo


      06/18/2016at3:45 pm

      BTW, I’m not retiring the Helyx Syn; it will continue to play an active roll in my sessions.

    • Avatar for Gravley8


      06/19/2016at8:44 am

      Im new to this,going to get a massager today,cant wait.What should i start off with?

    • Avatar for GGringo


      06/19/2016at1:47 pm

      My first was the Helyx Syn and I love it.It’s one of theirnewest product so on the cutting edge. It’s not only a great starter but one that I will continue to use on regular basis. This is my opinion only. Good luck @Gravley8 and welcome onboard.

    • Avatar for BigGlansDC


      06/19/2016at11:15 pm

      @GGringo, So glad you are trying Progasm Ice. Yes, it is only natural that you feel uncomfortable with such a large Aneros model in you. I too began my Aneros journey with Helix Syn because I had not done anal play at all in my life. Nearly two months into my journey, I added Maximus, and then a month later Progasm Classic and Progasm Ice. When I first inserted Progasm Ice, I felt a surge of pleasure. But it took a year or more that I could ride the various Aneros models comfortably. Your post today about Progasm Ice inspired me to ride mine this afternoon. Wow! Progasm Ice is sleek and smooth. Enjoy your rides with Progasm Ice!

    • Avatar for GGringo


      06/20/2016at12:19 am

      @BigGlansDC, I too had never had backdoor experience before my first Helix Syn experience 6 months ago. I worked hard at building my lower muscles and I can say that in my two Progasm Ice sessions, I was able to manouver it pretty well. I also had explosions of good feelings with it so the future looks promissing!

    • Avatar for Vic


      06/25/2016at4:27 am

      @GGringo Good to hear of your intro into Progasm. It took me a while too, to accommodate the extra girth but “in the end” well worth the effort. I am now able to obtain regular wet orgasms hands free with the Progasm, as soon as it switches gear and revs up into AUTO-F mode, I become jelly on a sheet and turn myself over to its thrust. Not every session includes PRO G, my favorite is the Syn and Eupho.

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