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24 year old Discovers his ticklish prostate and finds Super O/SYN V Review

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     so the other day i was home alone, wife had dr.s appointment and took our daughter, so i decided too have an aneros session before taking a nap. i already had the Syn V in but it had died an hour before so i took it out and put the edge 2 in.


      Now, i’ve cut back ALOT on porn, it’s way too distracting during these sessions so i just play with my nipples. I’ve been teasing my self with the Syn V all week and once in a while in the shower i use the edge 2. Now a little review of the Syn V: as of now i believe this is my favorite plug, it definitely imo trumps the helix trident just because of the vibrations. For me, it tickles my rectum and a little of my prostate!!!! if you never had these places tickled or are not ticklish here, MAN what an experience too miss out on (not belittling anyone, of course!) and it’s very comfortable too wear and the vibes don’t leave me desensitized.

            During the session, my prostate was already been teased due to the prior days of wearing the syn v, so the edge already had my knees shaking(On my back). I was getting Pwaves FAST. diddled with my Nipples and the Pwaves were getting more intense as they rolled in. I don’t know how long i was doing this, I mean i was really into it just relaxing and letting whatever feelings comes from  have their way with me. At a point, the edge 2 was revving hard at the “sweet spot”. Now like i said, for days the syn v was “tickling” my sweet spot and i gotten quite fond and familiar with it. The edge 2 thought definitely of that kind of sensation . It sought too turn all that tickling into raw sexual energy.


      it was knocking on my prostate from the outside and vibrating it on the inside. AMAZING! i couldn’t help but too moan and writhe in pleasure, playing with my nipples every now and then. Then a BIG pwave came. It felt like i ejaculated. i checked and literally a drop of precum. it felt so good i whimpered. Then another one came, even bigger, but still just a drop. “I think i’m cumming” i  was trying not too label anything but wow this is on a whole new level from what i’ve experienced but everything i hoped for! no refractory period is not a myth!

       This went on for some time, but then i got a pwave that slapped me silly. It caught me while i was fondling my nipples. it literally attacked me and had its way with me. My legs were shaking and my hips were moving side to side , up and down as if trying to get my “sweet spot” away from its assailant, but too no avail.

I ended up flipping over on my stomach (thinking i could escape it, or maybe the pwave flipped me and took control? i started too push my butt back towards the plug, like i was having sex with it then I buried my face in my pillow and i screamed.

       Ive never screamed during an orgasm before. I may have moaned very loudly (i’m vocal) but never have i screamed, like on the top of my lungs screamed. It was heavenly. BUT there was a downside(?) too this. Because i was on my stomach, my penis was rubbing against the mattress when i came, and i ejaculated. It definitely felt, too me, like i had my first super O but during, it switched too a super T which i’ve had plenty. Regardless it knocked the air out of me! I slept on a cloud after this

      So in conclusion, I discovered that my sweet spot and partially my prostate are ticklish and i believed it help lead me too my first super O. too give a quick description: the ptab tickles my sweet spot and carries that sensation too the tip of the aneros, which pushes on my prostate and turns that tickling into pleasure, the ktab also tickles but more so sends a shivering sensation. I also think i found a way too achieve super Os now tho i understand that it’s not a guarantee every time.  I just wanted too share my experience, i just reached my 2 year mark last week and i’m happy with the results but i’m definitely craving more now lol.



The Syn V also made me squirt twice in one session which felt amazing! But that’s a story for another time. I’m not saying this device is the device to end all aneros, just my experience with it. WE NEED MORE SYN Vs FOR DIFFERENT MODELS!!!! AMAZING ANEROS!!!!!




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I am a little confused. Do you prefer the Edge2 to the Syn V. I only want to buy one vibrating device. 

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