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Hands free/toy free orgasms

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Hey y’all

first time poster here. I heard about aneros products from listening to a podcast and was immediately interested. Before this I had no prior experience with prostate play or really knew anything other then the prostates role in producing semen. I bought the helix syn V on a whim and I’m so glad I did. It’s helped re define what an orgasm for me really is and my over all sexual performance with my fiancé. Since using the product I’ve learned so much about my body and the different sensations I’m capable of. I’m still learning the various definitions and terms used in the forum so forgive me if I miss use a term. But so far my sessions have taught me to take my time with my orgasms (let them come to you). Most of my sessions will last atleast over an hour and have multiple instants of pleasure waves combined with wild breathing and full body shaking. These waves seem to build and build the more I relax into them. A few times I’ve even ejaculated during one of these waves without touching my penis at all. These orgasms have been incredible to say the least.

well after a summer of playing with the aneros I had the most peculiar thing happen. I was closing my eyes to go to sleep when I started feeling one of these waves and I just went with it and focused on it. I started getting body shakes and feeling quite euphoric. I left that session at that And decide to explore this later. Well the next day I tried to will this feeling and focus on it and sure enough I started feeling the waves again to the point where eventually I got hard and ejaculated with out the toy or my hands just focused thought, energy, and contraction of the pelvic floor. Since then I’ve been able to do it a few more times and every time it’s extremely satisfying.

I’m excited to keep exploring the possibility of the aneros products and learning more about myself. 

Id love it if folks with similar experience or a lot of aneros use would chime in cause it seems like this forum is one of the best spots for new info/ideas


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Congrats  - Aneros super O's and now aless (prostate orgasms without Aneros in - a[neros]less) in pretty short order! 

Learning to "pull" the penile pleasure back into the prostate and relax with it will enable you to last longer in bed  - win - win - win! 

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i have also had a less hands free ejaculating orgasm in the past. tried many times and was definitly pleasurable but only ejaculated a couple times. I find a hfwo with the aneros in is one of the most pleasurable ejaculating orgasms. I end every session this way and it satisfies my sexual needs and keeps my parts working and healthy.

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