My new Eupho
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My new Eupho

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I got my new Eupho today and tested it the same day.

The experience was completely different from my Helix Trident and I definitely felt it hitting my prostate several times which caused me to move my hips in sync with the Euphos movement. I maybe even felt a tingle though I can't tell if it really was or not since it was quite a weak sensation.

Previously I tried to find my Prostate using my finger and while rubbing the spot where it should be I managed to simulate the feeling of peeing so I must have found it.

Now I just have to find out which Aneros to use for the next sessions. The Helix or the Eupho??

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The eupho of course!

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I think the eupho will be your favorite soon, if not already. It was my favorite the first time I ever experienced its crazy dance. That thing can do tricks I never trained it to do. 

The progasm may be overtaking its status in my mind, but it is still awesome. 

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