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How many sweet spots?

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How many acupressure spots does Aneros use?

I think there are a lot of those "acu spots". I didn't notice it before until the third Helix syn v session where I was lying on my back and kept my legs completely straight, purposely.
I felt like an acupressure network woke up in my body when Hsv massaged or just pressed "acu-points"
Have you felt them yourself as acu spots, it may be difficult because pleasures cover them up?


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It's hard to tell. Of course the K-tab and P-Tab should be 2 points, and I don't know is the anus (external) is a traditional acupressure spot, probably not, but that would count and be No. 3 in my opinion. Then all the internal points... If I'm lying down on a hard surface, then that covers several more points. 

I agree that often, the pressure point won't be obvious because other sensations are stronger. 

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