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How do you organize your toys and lube?

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Hey all - I will soon have my third Aneros product (had some extra money and enjoy trying the new ones out 🙂 ) and was wondering - is there a good practice for storing them? My girlfriend is aware I use the toys and have my own "sessions" with them, however, I still feel shy about having them out in an easily see area.

I was hoping to find a good sized bag to put my aneros boxes as well as lubrication (water based + large jar of coconut oil). The idea would be I would just grab this bag and have my entire session (including cleaning stuff) neatly packed away.Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks for your time 🙂

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I have a pretty extensive toy collection but the Aneros are kept separate because I use them the most and it's convenient. The original boxes are beautiful but they take a lot of room, I just put them right alongside my books and they look great.

The toys themselves go in some slightly modified tackle boxes with my small accessories, so they're not knocking around and they're easy to to get to. Only the Vice is stored in the original box, I don't really use it and know where to find it if needed...

Lube is kept separated because some of the containers will leak and make a mess if not kept upright so all the bottles go in a plastic tub. I'm "phasing out" most of the store bought lube and will only be keeping coco+beeswax in a smaller, easy to store container. That's about it!

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Keep mine in a plastic storage container from a dollar store - not in boxes as would take up too much room. Always wash whatever I’m going to use with warm soapy water and after use before putting away.

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