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Hey, new guy here. 


I've read one too many articles (and comments in this forum) about how great a prostate orgasm can be, however, still a little spooked to try it myself. 


While I'm pretty fit, I was never focused on my Kegels, so, for the first prostate toy, would you recommend going for a toy like Aneros, or a vibrating one?



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Posted by: @andrewwilk

...for the first prostate toy, would you recommend going for a toy like Aneros, or a vibrating one?

You can have both in one device...but first, in regards to choosing a first Aneros model, I recommend that you read the following : The Best Aneros model is...

Good Vibes to You!

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If you pee or poop, you have been doing Kegels your entire life. Learning control over the individual muscles is a great place to start. Mindgasm is a good place to learn how to do that, its free for the first 3 lessons, which will get you on youf way.  

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Posted by: @andrewwilk

still a little spooked to try it myself

Jump on in, the water’s fine.  No time like the present for many an adult man.  If you feel apprehension, just post about it, and someone will be able to offer advice.

While it’s fun to read about something from various angles, having actual experience will place yourself within that context.  With that base future reading can become more fun and informative.

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Posted by: @andrewwilk

still a little spooked to try it myself.

What spooks you about it? Just curious.

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Helix syn Trident is a good start. I’d give vibes a miss until you find your feet.

Don’t be spooked,nothing scary about cumming your tits off 🙂 You should be more afraid of living your whole life never knowing just how far your pleasure can climb,and how many times it can climb 🙂

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Ditto on what the others say. Definitely something you don’t want to miss out on.

Helix Syn was my training wheel.

Hope to hear what spooks you as well.

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Any one [aneros toy]can get the job done, be open and don't ever forget that. You can't go wrong with any helix device. The MGX was my first super-o, and still the most powerful one to date, and I did not get along well with the helix(original white plastic with curly tail) for a long time. It was okay, but it just didn't feel like it was hitting the spot at well. Then one day I watched a YouTube video of a guy talking about his experience with the helix and making sure not to insert it to the hilt, but only up to the first small diameter part. It pivots from that point--that is where it finds balance. Changed my opinion of the helix design forever.

I don't know that information to be critical with the trident models, it certainly is not important for the SynV because the tabs keep it sprung back to position.  The SynV is a little bigger than my old original helix, but not painfully large at all, I find it a wonderful size and as good as any in the lineup without the vibe turned on. Seems to me like the shape goes to work on its own faster than any one I have.

Don't be spooked! Just be open to new sensations.  Take the advice you see often around here and keep your hands off your tallywhacker during a session.  Let the massager do its magic alone and you'll make more progress.  Take it out and do whatever you want, but aneros by itself really can bring you to repeated orgasms and a side affect really can be that you can have orgasms without any devices or penile stimulation at all. That is how it worked for me after 12 years! Listen to the gang here and you might make it much sooner than I did. Nowadays instead of waking up to morning wood,  I wake up to morning orgasm(s).

Never thought it possible before it happened to me. These guys are for real...Forrest Andrews himself said it best, and anyone who has experienced this type of orgasm almost makes it a ministry to spread the word about it. It's a shame it's still a taboo topic you often can't just share with your friends, but it is a pretty safe atmosphere around here! Whatever you do, feel free to bring your questions here so we all learn together. 

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