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I just ordered the Peridise and both excited and a little apprehensive on what to expect when it arrives. I did try the original aneros 20 years ago, but due to a hemorrhoids occurrence I didn’t enjoy and only tried several times.  I thought maybe the device was the cause of the hemorrhoids, which I now believe was incorrect.  Well, after years without hemorrhoids, they’ve come back, so I’m going to try the Peridise with preparation H ointment as lube to see if I can clear them up.

I’m wondering how often and long I should use the Peridise at first.  Since working from home, I do have some freedom to wear during the day.  But I’m a 60yo bisexual married guy here (please no judgement) and family at home, so don’t always have privacy to enjoy long sessions.  I welcome coaching tips as to when to use, what activities around the house I can keep it in during, and for how long.  Thanks,

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Hello and welcome !

I'm not a Peridise expert, I use it mostly to add variety to my sessions. For me it's pretty much a tiny Eupho.

I would maybe start using it for 30 minutes in the evening before going to sleep, then get up, clean up and go back to bed. Just to see how it feels when you're in a relaxed setting.

Using it standing up is fine for doing dishes, cleaning around the house and the like, and it won't show through clothes. 

Depending on your body shape, sitting positions may prevent the toy from moving as much as it could so you will have have to experiment. You may still get benefits even if you don't have the full range of movement.

Hope this helps a little. 



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