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Peridise advice nee...
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Peridise advice needed

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Hi All, 


I recently got the peridise model. The plan is to have 2 sessions per week, one for peridise and one for prostate massgers like helix or eupho. 


Any one have any advice on the peridise sessions? How long? contration schedules and any useful routine you use for peridise?


Thank you very much



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When I do a session with my Tempo, I try to forget it's in there, and just lay there like I'm enjoying do-nothing Aless session. This way I don't set expectations, and I can enjoy every sensation, no matter how the session turns out. The sensations with the Tempo are much stonger than an Aless session would be for me so I'm  usually pretty happy with the results.

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As been mentioned. Don't follow a schedule or routine that just puts you in the mindset of expectation of results. Listen to your body and do it when your body wants to and then stimulate it how your body wants. I find being in the mood is 80% of the work in having a good session.

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