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Feeling spasms and twitches, but no pleasure?

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I've been using the Aneros Helix and the Vice (without vibrations) on and off for a few years but in the past 2 months I've started to use it more frequently.

I understand that I should not be chasing the super O, but simply trying to find good feelings. And that is what I do every session. In a 1:30 hour to 2 hour session, doing contractions and holding contractions for 30 seconds (while holding the contractions at 70%-80% I get inner twitches and involuntary vibrations, but no pleasure from it, just vibrations)

I do get some involuntary contractions and some lower body muscle twitching (legs and butt), however these contractions and spasms don't feel like anything, they just feel like vibrations without any pleasure.

I was hoping you guys could guide me into smoothing these into pleasurable feelings, any suggestions or advice?

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Posted by: @peachychub

I was hoping you guys could guide me into smoothing these into pleasurable feelings, any suggestions or advice?

@PeachyChub, Hmmm, it is interesting that your body is obviously reacting to the stimulation you are providing it but you say you are not deriving any pleasure from it. This raises the question What does pleasure you? and how do we determine if a sensation is pleasurable or not, what really pleasures any of us? I know there is a fine line between pleasure and pain and that line will vary due to specific circumstances. Pleasure or the perception of whatever you want to call it is largely an individual judgement based upon one's own life history/experiences, I honestly wouldn't know how to guide you "... into pleasurable feelings," It all depends on how you perceive the sensations you are receiving and how your mind interprets those sensations. I am of the opinion that we can alter our perceptions in positive ways with positive thoughts and affirmations about the goodness and appropriateness of our actions especially when it comes to self pleasuring. If you harbor latent shame or guilt about your use of Aneros this will likely greatly diminish your ability to feel pleasure from the activity. For some men this is a very real obstacle (please see Identifying Obstacles to Progress).

Good Vibes to You!

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In the beginning of my journey the involuntary spasms were not inherently pleasureful, and I had plenty of spasms with no other sensation.  Actually spasms and fluttering muscles are something I have know for years, as I have practiced various relaxation techniques, some of which involve tightening muscles and then relaxing them fully.  That causes spasms and twitches for me, not dissimilar to the PC involuntaries.

So perhaps forget the twitching as a goal for now, as it isn't a means to an end, at least not for you or me. (Once I discovered how to get pleasure from my prostate, those involuntaries became very useful.)

I would suggest trying much lower-level clenches, because those high levels (70-80%) can kill sensation. Try 10-40%.  That might allow you to discover a more subtle world of nerves.  And go very slow.  For example, 0-30% in 15 seconds, and then relax over the same amount of time.  Perhaps during that 15 second build up and 15 second release, you might feel a far away hint of an interesting sensation somewhere, like feeling the bump of a pea under a mattress... try and a roll over it again. That is the nugget of gold you are looking for.

It sounds exaggerated, and of course no one can measure these percentages, but setting those types of challenges will help you concentrate on movement, tension, micro-sensations, and thus help you amplify them.

There is a really good thread that explains how to focus your mind on the sensations provoked by low-level clenching, without a toy inserted:


This thread explains a similar thing to what I explained above, but with a different exercise. That is, a very low-level clench and searching for the *ping* of the right nerve being hit (in this case the author explains that it is felt in the head of the penis, and that geographic advice helps a lot). I will post in it right now to bring it to the top of the feed again, because it is that good.

And don't forget to vocalize your pleasure!


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Posted by: @divine_o
  • to focus your mind on the sensations provoked by low-level clenching, without a toy inserted
  • to vocalize your pleasure!


Hi @peachychub, I only can agree to @rumel's and @divine_o's recommendations.

A kind of mental clenching by only trying most subtle contractions and to already stop clenching nearly before it comes to any noticable muscle reaction, then waiting for the slightest feelings to occur, has been one of the milestones of my journey.

Also I only can encourage you to give your pleasure a voice. You can also do it the other way round. Envisioning your best sex you can remember, you can try to vocalize those feelings by panting, moaning, sighing or whatever sounds you like to make. Trying to feel the orgasmic pleasure again and immersing deep into this memory, then focusing on your perineum and gland area may help you to recognize a kind of dumb ache there. If you try to welcome this little pain as the origin of all your pleasures, as the center of your sexual being, as your prostate swelling and sending out these enjoyable p-waves spreading out through your body up your spine and up to your first chakra, this might help you a lot to familiarize with the mental side of your journey.

Everything else is a toy, why you shouldn't call your Aneros a toy, it's a worthful tool. But it's also only a tool. You can use it to start your orgasmic engine, but like a crank you won't need it all the time when your motor is already running.

Best vibes! Mart

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