• sleeping with big red

    Well I had to try it sooner or later and "you know what they say" "the sooner the better" SO…… I bought a progasim red ice during the sale on the site (thanks aneros for having sales i'm not really sure I could afford the…

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  • DJ's school daze volume 2

    Well I occasionally talk about my love for football I happened to be rather good at it. I was on a rather good team who had some other big time players. It was summer and we had received scollorship offers from different schools and decided…

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  • DJ's school daze volume 1

    I dated a bipolar chick once. She went to one of my Jr. Varsity Football games in high school. And liked what she saw. She had one of her friends pass me a note with her number after the game. She was smoking hot. Out…

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  • a first time for everything

    Well my friends I just had my first ever less session and I have never felt better. I rode over night and sleep well I took it out when I woke up. So this afternoon I was laying on the couch and out of the…

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  • Conversations with myself

    I have often Heard it said some of the best conversations are with yourself. I have learned some of the possible side effects that can occur when you rewire. Some of those things have made me reevaluate whether the benefits truly outweigh the side effects….

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  • miles to go before we sleep

    On October 19th 2013 my journey had officially began not really knowing what I had had gotten myself into but I consider it a forced blessing because of how I got into this. Well I am really kicking myself for not doing the blog sooner…

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  • its only just begun

    I grew up in a devout Christian home raised on the belief that if my friends where doing something fun that there must be sin behind it. So growing up i didn't get to experience things that the other youth did. No sex,drugs,drinking,smoking none of…

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