• DJ's school daze volume 1

    I dated a bipolar chick once. She went to one of my Jr. Varsity Football games in high school. And liked what she saw. She had one of her friends pass me a note with her number after the game. She was smoking hot. Out first date was supposed to be a double date and she said her parents where gonna be home so I felt safe about it. She ordered pizza to be delivered by the time I got there so my folks dropped me off at her place. As we pull up to the house I notice there are no cars in her drive way kinda strange I think to myself but whatever. Mom says call us when your ready to get picked up. K bye and I head into the house. She yells we're down stairs shut the door behind you.
    So no parents and now I find out no pizza or second couple so we are All Alone. I said before I get comfortable I'm going to take a bathroom break. She leads me to the bathroom and proceeded to follow me in. I thought maybe she has to go to the bathroom too whatever. Nope she wants to have some fun as she locks the door behind her. Well hun what do you have in mind? How about I blow you. I've never done anything like this before I'm still a virgin and don't want to give it up for this chick on the first date. So I lure her in so she lowers her defenses and I see my exit rout but my pants are all the way off she bends down and I book it in a tshirt and boxers and shoes. I run 3 miles to my friends house and pass out from exhaust on his bed. And had what was either a dream or I received a blow job from a female teammate I had my nap at.
    Do She Calls Me A Week Later to apologize and to give me a gift. I get to her house and find A total gym. She said it would help with weight training for football. She had it set up so I could work out and she could screw me at the same time. We packed it up took it to my house she went home and the very next day she broke up with me and ended up with the teammate that gave me the blowjob. That's why she made the team. Heck of a tight end. Lol

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