• DJ's school daze volume 2

    Well I occasionally talk about my love for football I happened to be rather good at it. I was on a rather good team who had some other big time players. It was summer and we had received scollorship offers from different schools and decided to do a road trip all over to checkout what our options where. One of the schools early on gave us fake id's so we could have some fun on campus. Well if you don't already know I've never drank, smoked, done drugs, or had sex. But I did keep my fake ID just incase. A few of the places we visited where California, Florida, Texas, THE UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA LOS VEGAS, because it is Vegas! well this trip was becoming rather costly we where sleeping in a van to save money. We stopped by the beach and I struck up a conversation with a few guys. Started telling them our story and told me they might be able to help. We all hopped in the van and headed to this hotel once we got there they split the group in half and we headed to different rooms. Once we got to the room we where told to sit on the couch. A few minutes later this guy with a flip cam enters the room and tells us we can make some major money having sex. I'm with a film company called "BROKE STRAIGHT BOYS". I say bring on the hot chicks and let's make some cold hard cash. He said you guys don't need chicks your all you need! So you are asking us to have sex with each other?!? NO WAY I'M OUT!!!! So I missed out on a big payday but that's the day the group became known as "The COCK".
    The next few stories will be about this "GREAT" group of friends!

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      01/08/2014at3:17 am

      Nice story! i ejnoyed.

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