• Helix did less than peridise for me now

    i not sure whether the constant reliance on my wife manual prostate massage has conditioned my prostate to be more aware of her finger instead of my helix. My last 2 helix session were pretty much.. boring. no super-o like what i used to have….

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  • A Briefs pleasure

    This is not specifically talking about Aneros but it’s about my newly bought briefs It’s just a low-rise briefs that looks clean, minimalist and decent( Anything that purposely designed to be sexy in mind is not appeal to me, No offense ya.) The moment i…

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  • Abstinence did play a role in my prostate play quality

    I used to brush off that abstinence does not affect the quality/pleasure of my prostate play at all. My mood was the main factor. But recently i discovered that I was wrong. If I tried to have an aneros session or any prostate massage session…

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  • Relearn, Rewiring for 2019

    I decided to make an effort to relearn/rewire my prostate orgasm this year Due to stress and hectic life, I have noticed I started to get lazy to prime myself for a good session Instead, I getting more frequent having my prostate massaged together with…

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  • Friend or Foe?

    Just had my session back from work. Manage to get around 3-4 orgasms before my body gave up after some cleaning, I sat in front of my comp and watched some youtube vid to wind myself down From there, I got a notification from my…

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  • First Entry

    This is the initiation of my blog I would like to share exp of my prostate play here Started my journey since 4 years ago thinking back, I would say that I went from totally ‘hmmm.. where is it?’ to like ‘OMG!’ within seconds of…

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