• Abstinence did play a role in my prostate play quality

    I used to brush off that abstinence does not affect the quality/pleasure of my prostate play at all. My mood was the main factor. But recently i discovered that I was wrong. If I tried to have an aneros session or any prostate massage session with my wife on the day that I had a normal orgasm, the quality of the session will go down the drain. It feels empty and i could not have any super-O, or even had a problem achieving mini-O. The only pleasure that I get is the initial high that the aneros slides in and touch my prostate. That feeling diminished fast. So fast that I am bored after 2-3min into the session.


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      03/02/2019at6:32 pm

      i tend to agree I used to think semen retention was a fad, i mean i would go 10-14 days normally just due to frequency of sex, masturbation or a session. However I have noticed since I have been having sessions with out ejaculating the next session is better and I f i can build on that and not ejaculate things really heat up. Was not intentionally retaining my semen I just was not ejaculating as often which I guess is the same thing. I do notice now that around 7-10 days arousal heightens and sessions improve. Not in to the 3-4 week hold out all though I have gone that long at times. For me every 10-14 day release seems to keep things working and arousal at a good level.

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      03/03/2019at6:33 am

      for me, 3 days is enough that I could feel the difference and improve my session, anything more than that has ‘diminishing marginal return’. But at least 1 day in between ejaculation and prostate play. anything less than 24 hrs, I do feel like my body is still in the refractory period

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