• Friend or Foe?

    Just had my session back from work. Manage to get around 3-4 orgasms before my body gave up
    after some cleaning, I sat in front of my comp and watched some youtube vid to wind myself down
    From there, I got a notification from my chat group of my close friends.
    To my surprise, one of the girls shared a very short article about exploring prostate play and followed by her comment ‘Male G Spot!’
    I was like, hmmm… this is a good chance to share/gather opinion from my close friends about what’s their attitude about prostate play.
    So, I decided to ask her
    ‘hey, did you try it on your bf?’
    ‘No! my bf butt hole is for sh*tting only! You should ask XXXXX instead’ (XXXX is my male friend)
    XXXX: Nah.. my butt is for sh*tting too! One way street

    There goes the only chance… i could not continue to subject… that was a hell of a chance to discuss this subjects maturely. I guess I am living with a bunch of close-minded people.. expecting too much from them

    Yeah, i should have seen it coming.

    People automatically went into hard-wired mode when comes to male butt = gay… I am a straight guy and I enjoy having my prostate poked by my wife or aneros when I am solo…
    I could not see the connection…
    to be honest, i did envy women G spot does not need to go through some taboo/forbidden place to reach… and they could talk openly within close friends without afraid of being shunned, receiving negative feedback or being labeled as homo…

    people as such really miss out a lot of good deal in this world


    • Avatar for GGringo


      08/25/2018at1:39 pm

      @veon, if your xxxx friends knew about the great orgasms possibly achievable with prostate play, would they consider exploring the possibilities?
      Worth mentioning it …
      Good vibes to you

    • Avatar for veon


      09/03/2018at9:40 am

      I just could not take out the courage to tell them that I am a huge fan of prostate play. Maybe next time..

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