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    This is the initiation of my blog
    I would like to share exp of my prostate play here
    Started my journey since 4 years ago
    thinking back, I would say that I went from totally ‘hmmm.. where is it?’ to like ‘OMG!’ within seconds of insertion
    it’s a huge progress where I thought it was not possible back then.

    Even my nipples decided to rewire itself without even trying. I started to feel some tingling sensation out of nowhere and i decided to play with my nipples and that’s it

    I do feel lucky and glad that I am able to wake up my prostate. So for those newcomers, don’t give up. one day you will feel your own prostate orgasm/super O


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      08/23/2018at12:48 pm

      @veon, welcome to the blog section of the site! Congratulations on achieving the high level of pleasures and mostly for sharing your experiences. Keep writing.
      Good vibes to you.

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      08/23/2018at3:43 pm

      thanks @GGringo !!

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