• A Briefs pleasure

    This is not specifically talking about Aneros but it’s about my newly bought briefs

    It’s just a low-rise briefs that looks clean, minimalist and decent( Anything that purposely designed to be sexy in mind is not appeal to me, No offense ya.)
    The moment i wore it, i was like in heaven. It even feels better than naked. (Naked down there is not comfortable to me due to some medical reasons, my left nut hurts every time i left unsupported 🙁 )
    Due to the above reason, wearing it makes me feel sexy and horny. I feel horny every time when a briefs fit and hold my nut comfortably while contouring my butt nicely. The feeling is intimate.

    Looking forward to let aneros destroy me inside out while having it on. Damn, feel so horny thinking about it. brb :p

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