• It Owns Me

    Yes, i'm still here. it's been so long since my last entry, because i'd basically concluded that i'd reached the pinnacle of solosexual love and lust. my Aneros was giving me hours of pleasure. i'd ride the waves of lust, going the full range from…

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  • Silently Screaming

    i've been quiet it my blog lately, but in my house i've been blissfully silently screaming in pleasure. i've become totally enamored with my prostate and all the lust it fills me with when i use my Aneros boys. i've had day after day of…

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  • Draining the Tanks

    My previous session ended in a spectacular series of dry O's. I woke the next morning aroused, lustful but oddly satisfied. So a week later, I went into the session knowing it would end in a cum geyser. And it did. I was proud of…

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  • A Seismic Shift

    After last night's amazing session, I woke up and simply laid in bed and luxuriated in the light waves of pleasure that flowed throughout my body. I could feel my cuntlips slightly swollen and hot from the night's 3-hour session. I enjoyed an hour of…

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  • Super-O or Simply Super?

    If you constantly hit new heights of pleasure in an aneros session, how can you be sure you've truly had a Super-O? Maybe you've just had a super session. Whatever happened to me last night, all I can say is that if it gets any…

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  • Ending in fireworks

    It was so hot and humid on the 4th, that I declined several invitations to join friends for the Boston Pops Esplanade concert and fireworks display. I'd planned to go away for a long weekend anyway, leaving the morning of the 5th. So I wanted…

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  • working out

    tho i won't be back home and in reach of my aneros boys, i've continued to do my kegel exercises this week. that way, when i'm home on monday, my cunt will be primed and ready for hours of aneros pleasure. i also haven't cum…

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  • chaste week

    i'm out of state, with no privacy and neither of my Aneros boys with me. Next post will be after 7/1.

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  • Double the pleasure

    This is my very first entry to my new blog. So it'll be brief for now. I'm basically a solosexual that loves and worships my Cock. He's been my constant sex partner since I hit puberty. But I recently discovered he has competition. Thanks to…

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