• Silently Screaming

    i've been quiet it my blog lately, but in my house i've been blissfully silently screaming in pleasure. i've become totally enamored with my prostate and all the lust it fills me with when i use my Aneros boys. i've had day after day of sublime bliss, riding the erotic waves that flow from my hole throughout my entire body. i used to focus on bating my beautiful cock, but he gets tons of pleasure from my Aneros boys just like i do. he swells, throbs, bounces in lust, oozes and drips little treats for me to feast on as my Aneros is doing its work. never been closer to heaven…

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      08/29/2013at4:14 am

      Great elegant naked enthusiasm man!! Great simple powerful aesthetics in the essential sensuality that drives these energies mmmmmmmm!!!

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