• Super-O or Simply Super?

    If you constantly hit new heights of pleasure in an aneros session, how can you be sure you've truly had a Super-O? Maybe you've just had a super session. Whatever happened to me last night, all I can say is that if it gets any hotter, OHMYFUK!!!
    I've learned a lot from other guys' blogs and postings. Last night, I began with a quick clean-out to make sure my path to pleasure was unobstructed. Then I looked for the perfect sounds to listen to thru my headphones. My plan was to insert and relax. But I had a brilliant bit of inspiration. Instead of new age music, I went to bateworld )of which I'm a member( and checked out the site's mp3s that have been posted by fellow baters. I was ready.
    I laid back on my bed, head propped up with a few pillows. I lubed my mancunt generously, making sure my pussylips were thoroughly coated with a thick layer of albolene. Then I coated my aneros with lube and placed the tip at my hole. Thru the headphones, I began to hear sensuous music mixed with the sounds of men masturbating and moaning in pleasure. I gently pushed my aneros between my cuntlips and sank it to the hilt. And then I was gone. Two hours passed as I rode wave after wave of autoerotic bliss, at one time floating gently on the edge then at other times panting, drooling and thrusting my hips forward like a rutting animal in heat.
    By now I was ready to switch from sounds to visuals, so I toggled over to xtube to watch some previously saved video clips. In the interest of full disclosure, I get super turned on by s&m porn, watching one man exercise total power and control over his male property. So I watched submissives having the cum tormented out of them thru e-stim, guys being whipped and beaten as they writhed and screamed all the while erect and craving more.
    The last hour and 15 minutes of my aneros session was on a threshold I've seldom reached before. With the sounds of lust and pain filling my brain, my cunt had taken over my body. I was so mind-numbingly high, so in heat, groaning, trembling, shaking all over as my pussylips gripped my beautiful aneros and released it, gripped and released, and my prostate throbbed with a mind of its own. And then I was there. In full spasm. In full lust. Consumed by solosexual erotic desire as my prostate beat like my heart. I groaned, released, moaned, released, and rose higher than ever before and crashed to the ground panting, tingling and completely used up.
    Yet I was dry. A drop or two of cum or precum, which I licked up and savored. Was that my first Super-O? I can't swear to it. I guess only time will tell.

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      05/14/2016at8:03 pm

      My fellow pleasure seeker, WOW great comments;
      Im getting similar results without inserting, just relaxing and letting my body take over;
      Last night; ended up on all fours, mouth jammed open, unable to even moan while the erotic bliss eminated from my prostate; i was begging to cry it felt so good, ended up on my knees, on my bed and reaching straight up and grabbing the ceiling while my body thrusted my hips forward ; erotic, sexy; blissful lust; kept telling myself how the hell do you describe this to anyone!!!??

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