• It Owns Me

    Yes, i'm still here. it's been so long since my last entry, because i'd basically concluded that i'd reached the pinnacle of solosexual love and lust. my Aneros was giving me hours of pleasure. i'd ride the waves of lust, going the full range from a satisfying warmth deep in my hole to full-body convulsions. i could hit peaks where i'd have a dry orgasm for what seemed like 20 minutes, hanging suspended between aching balls and orgasm. it was great. it was awesome. it fulfilled every promise the Aneros had made. or so i thought.
    what i realized, however, was that my autoeroticism was still penis focused. success meant having a hard-on at the moment i orgasmed — or at least subtly manipulating my cock as i involuntarily pulled my Aneros deeper into my hole. but about 2 years ago, it all changed. i saw a posting on tumblr from a guy who said he had been totally "cunted" by a Master. (To those who object to this word, my apologies.) The guy wrote that he hadn't ejaculated by jerking off for several years. all his orgasms were induced by the manipulation of his hole.
    in my next Aneros session, instead of words of love spoken to my beautiful cock, i acknowledged that i had a pussy that needed as much attention and love as the other thing. i ignored the appendage dangling between my legs and concentrated solely on my pussy. i spend at least half an hour doing kegels. i lightly lubed a finger and rubbed the silky lips of my pussy. i'd had a martini before starting, along with a wee bit 'o 420. i put on some hot gay porn, watching guys take loads in their holes. after about 90 minutes, i lubed my Aneros and just rubbed the tip against my twitching pussy lips. by the time i sank it deep into my pussy, i was drooling and babbling like a lunatic. and then i let it go. i didn't manually manipulate the Aneros. i talked to it. i told it to go where it needed to go. i told my pussy to take what she needed. i had an experience like i was floating above my body. i was looking down, watching the incredible image of my pussy lips pulling the Aneros deeper and deeper into her until the tip was pressing lightly against the inner lips — the second level — of what i knew was my cunt.
    the three of us — me, my Aneros and my pussy — went a thousand places and had a million waves of lust and pleasure envelop my whole body. i was consumed by it
    all, on the edge like never before. then at last a glorious ruined orgasm shook me from head to toe. a few drops of cum oozed from me, which i caught in my hand and lapped up hungrily. words can't truly describe how awesome it was. but i knew that my pussy owned every part of me.
    so now, those are my Aneros sessions. for close to two years, this is what i've been up to. is it any wonder why i haven't had a moment to add to my blog!!!

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      08/14/2016at9:30 pm

      Sounds amazing my friend!

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