• My Second Date

    OK, the house cleared for a bit today and thought I could squeeze in my second session. I did about an your, and I'm disappointed because as I'm typing this about an hour after that no one is still home…meaning I could have had another hour with the helix! But, at about the hour mark my mind started making mental checks of the time and somewhere deep there was the worry of being interrupted so I thought it better to just end things during a point of relaxation.
    This time I put a light coat of vaseline on the helix, a finger full of lube around my rim, and used a plastic dropper to put about 4 ml inside. Shooting the lube in was a strange feeling for sure!
    This time I never got into strong, panting, breathless periods of contractions, though I still ran into the same problems as before. When I would contract I would alternate what I would do. Sometimes I would do a 50% contraction and just hold it, then release on an inhale. This seemed to have the effect of moving the helix out. Sometimes I would use short, repeating, 35% contractions (maybe try to do 4 during an exhale, and then rest on the inhale). This felt very nice but would lead to the same problem as the first time. I would always seem to increase the contractions strength and rate so that right when it could (perhaps) start to really feel good, it would become one long, sustained, hard contraction. Great, but this will never get me to the promised land.
    I also used a lot of relaxation and had a very nice time with this. After a period of contraction I would just lie there, relaxed, trying to focus on the pressure or slight buzz in my ass. I would try to allow my mind to think of or envision erotic scenarios while doing this. When I would do this effectively I could get to semi-conscious, trance-like (you know what I'm talking about, when you're awake but your mind is clearly absorbed elsewhere like when reading a book). During these times I could feel the sensastions gather some strength, and I almost wished I could be sleeping and just let them go on their own. But, invariably, the feelings would get knocked back down by one conscious thought or another. So, I would return to contracting and the cycle would start over again.
    Now, in this session there was never any sensations that I thought could ever lead to the doors of an orgasm, but there were a couple interesting things. First, a few times when things were going nicely I would contract my sphincter and that would result in maybe four or five quick contractions in what felt like a tube running all the way from inside my ass up through my dick. I don't know how to describe it other than like a hydraulic repercussion effect: squeeze once in the buttocks and get that plus for a five mini-squeezes is rapid succession through the "tube" or line. This was interesting for two reasons. First, it made plain that somthing inside was connected all the way through to the penis. Second, I had NOTHING to do with those mini, rapid fire contractions through the tube. That was an "effect" from my "cause". So, that's encouraging. Hopefully someday we'll find a way for those involuntary reverberations to go throughout the body. Oh, btw, they felt nice.
    The 2 other notable things about this session were that during some periods of conttraction I introduced some nipple play, and one time that resulted in the beginnings of an erection. Also, one time I moved during the session (shifting weight), and while I had a moment touched my flacid cock to find the tip of the head wet. I don't know if it was some precum that oozed out, or maybe I had a drop of lube left on my finger. But, other than the one start of an erection (that never got beyond half mast and lasted maybe 30 seconds) my cock was limp the entire time. If it was precum then that would be an interesting development.
    All in all, no major progress. The session was pleasant and relaxing. One hiccup in the process, which I'd like some feedback to, is this…in reading the forums many people have talked about the helix moving on its own, and being able to feel it move. Other than when I relax after a contraction and the helix seems to reposition itself I never feel the helix actually move unless I contract. And, even when I contract I don't know that I feel it move so much as I just feel it making contact with me. Am I not using enough lube, or is there some trick to making it move by itselft?
    Thanks, hope people will comment.

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