• first time with hypnaerosession (blew me away)

    My god was it something. The idea to combine aneros with hypnosis always seemed promising. As I had mentioned before, I tried some “erotic hypnosis” tracks on pornhub but they were a huge distraction (although pleasurable). I also tried some general relaxation self-hypnosis before the…

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  • my journey so far

    (reposting to the proper place now that I finally got how this blogs work) Encouraged by https://community.aneros.com/community/forum/general-discussion/110569-learn-helpful-links-for-new-members, decided to blog my own journey, even if only for my future reference. Can’t remember now how I came to knowing about Aneros let alone buying one, perhaps…

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  • short and pleasurable session (still no O)

    Came home very tired and after a couple of beers, wasn’t aroused but what the hell why not. Inserted Helix Syn, with underwear on. Didn’t feel much at the beginning, started doing some light contractions and within a minute they turned into involuntaries with whole…

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