• short and pleasurable session (still no O)

    Came home very tired and after a couple of beers, wasn’t aroused but what the hell why not. Inserted Helix Syn, with underwear on. Didn’t feel much at the beginning, started doing some light contractions and within a minute they turned into involuntaries with whole body spasms and shakes. Tried to stay relaxed as much as I could but deep breathing still interferes with the pleasure.

    What was particular for this session is that I started to feel very sexy and at the same time confident and comfortable in my body. Often times when I get really aroused with anal/prostate play I started to feel kind of womanly and that is somewhat awkward and confusing. This time it wasn’t a concern, I felt whole and beautiful and erotically awoken, with this energy flowing through my whole body, releasing the tention and transcending into bliss.

    Touching the nipples lightly would trigger lightnings through my whole body that wouldn’t stop. It was very intense but I was tired and when another wave subsided a bit decided to go to sleep.

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