• my journey so far

    (reposting to the proper place now that I finally got how this blogs work)

    Encouraged by https://community.aneros.com/community/forum/general-discussion/110569-learn-helpful-links-for-new-members, decided to blog my own journey, even if only for my future reference.

    Can’t remember now how I came to knowing about Aneros let alone buying one, perhaps during one of the tumblr porn surfing sessions. Anyway, have had the Helix Syn for a while but really started to use it regularly a few months before.

    I am not new to anal play and even had a kind of anal orgasm once, back when I was a teenager (33 now), and used prostate massagers for fun with my wife and alone, but never really new about the possibility of Super-O and “rewiring” until recently. I’ve heard about involuntary contractions and the intense prostate pleasure, but never found them, and voluntary contractions would get me aroused but my muscles got tired quickly and it ruined the experience.

    Finding the wiki got me really excited so I decided to give the whole thing another go. I would wake up early, when the family was still sleeping, which would give me about two hours of almost-private time in the living room, the best I could have in the circumstances. I would take a shower, use coconut oil as the lube and started doing the contractions.

    At this very time, I got interested in male kegels (unrelated to Aneros) and got pretty good at feeling and controlling my PC muscles. That definitely helped with the aneros sessions.

    During the first couple of sessions (had them irregularly, with a few days to few weeks between sessions) I learned a lot of new sensations. It was really quick to find the specific prostate pleasure, the feeling of swelling, the P-waves. I used voluntary contractions and thanks to my kegel exerices I could persist long enough so it started to generate really intense pleasure.

    Probably during 2nd or 3rd sessions, my legs started shaking uncontrollably. I hoped it was the start of the Super-O and tried to force it, which is not the way to go as I now know. A subsequent session got my abs spasming uncontrollably and my whole pelvis shaking violently. Next sessions got this spread over my whole body, and it wasn’t really pleasurable. My whole body was spasming, including neck and jaws. This has lasted a few sessions and felt quite frustrating, until I’ve read about the “milestones” on the wiki to find out that this is expected and the next would be to get the same spasm but with pleasure.

    And indeed, a few sessions later I really started to enjoy the spasms. However, they were still a bit too intense, making me tired and exhausted pretty quickly.

    Another turning point was the switch from coconut oil to water-based lube (lots of it). First session with the new lube was when I learned the power of “do nothing” method. It got me shaking all over from pleasure in minutes and it was the first time I got an uncontrollable moan out of me. That was kind of a roadblock as I was doing this in the living room with my family sleeping behind a thin wall.

    Now I am on a business trip so first time can enjoy the sessions with full privacy and relaxed time limits. My last session lasted about 8 hours and I feel now I got too carried away with porn so it distracted me from the prostate, and I ended with a regular jerk off which I hoped to avoid.

    I had tried self-hypnosis recently (not related to aneros or any eroticism) and it really worked, especially for relaxation. So I decided to give it a go for my aneros sessions and eventually found some erotic hypnosis audios and videos on pornhub. While good, most of them end up as audio porn sessions where you’re imagining as the girl is sucking you etc. Very arousing but kind of distracting, and a different direction than the “rewiring” process. I hoped again to finally get to Os (at least mini-Os) as the next “milestone” but I didn’t. I got a few really intense “auto-fucking” sessions during the night, which would get my whole body shaking violently with pleasure, moaning and groaning and biting my pillows, and I felt like on the verge of an orgasm for minutes, but then it subsided. I tried to just focus on the feelings and enjoy the process, but there definitely was some frustration.

    The frustration is still there as I am writing this, not sure if (or when) I can get to any of the next milestones. Perhaps need to read more forums and get back to the basics of lower expectations and tuning into the sensations.

    Another thing is that I feel is starts to take too much of my time and attention. I was addicted to porn and masturbation for years and finally got of the hook in the recent two to three years. And now I feel that the whole Aneros thing is hitting the same neural pathways again, making this whole thing too desired, too big, and through this – frustrating again.

    Not sure where it will lead me, perhaps will continue documenting it here occasionally.

    Just discovered the HypnAerosession, looking forward to giving it a try.

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