• first time with hypnaerosession (blew me away)

    My god was it something.

    The idea to combine aneros with hypnosis always seemed promising. As I had mentioned before, I tried some “erotic hypnosis” tracks on pornhub but they were a huge distraction (although pleasurable). I also tried some general relaxation self-hypnosis before the sessions. So I was very excited to find about the Hypnaerosession – a special 2-CD self-hypnosis recording specifically to use with Aneros (you can find them on the website and purchase as a CD or as a download).

    Had the evening to myself so after a good meal, a movie and a bath I went to bed, put my headphones and hit play. Immediately I was told to insert my Aneros which I did. The voice sounded rather sexy and I felt eager to give up to instructions.

    I was very aroused and started having a throbbing hard-on (which is rare for my sessions). The hypnosis has really started to do its thing, and I started to uncovering levels of relaxation and pleasure unthought of before. Visualizations were very helpful and worked well to continue to build up the arousal. And when she started to instruct to touch the body lightly, the lightning bolts of whole-body pleasure started driving me mad.

    I was having strong rhythmic involuntaries few minutes into the sessions with whole-body shakes and spasms, so when she was telling to feel the “waves of pleasure” to me it felt more like “fucking electric shock pulse driving me crazy and off the bed”. Relaxation and breezing this time really helped to cope with the intensity and I was able to “slide deeper and deeper”. Probably about 30 minutes into the session I started moaning and groaning with pleasure. Then the autofucking got so intense that all I could do was just squeal and laugh and scream into the pillow.

    I continued probably for an hour or so after the recording had ended. Tried kneeling before my bed, with head and torso lying on the bed, and it opened up tons of new sensations. At some point I started to really feel getting fucked hard, and boy was it great. I consider myself a straight guy but I just didn’t care. The pleasure felt so good.

    Most of the time I felt on the verge of orgasm (like PONR feeling with penile stimulation), and it continued to build up, but no mini-Os, anal Os, or super-Os folks are talking about. No orgasms at all. This still eludes me.

    Also, hard-on had subsided after a few minutes and I stayed completely flacid the rest of the session. Feeling relaxed and quite happy this morning.


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      11/23/2018at8:18 pm

      if you weren’t having mini-O’s what were you having? It sounds like crazy intense fun! Heck, your autofucking sounds incredible. I had that happen once or twice and it was like I was laying on the floor like a dog in heat!!!! Love to know more about your sessions bud! keep it up (or in should be a better word) !!!

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