• Tempo, my spark plug to great sessions : MLK day session, Monday January 15

    Hi guys.
    We here in Washington, DC are enduring another stretch of bitterly cold weather. This morning we had a low of 18 F with strong winds from the north. It was bitterly cold. Fortunately there were no apartment staff around on this federal holiday paying homage to Martin King Luther Jr. I waited to the noon hour to have a session which I so craved.
    I began the session once again with Tempo. Using gentle, yet strong Kegels and also the Aneros Tug-of-War Technique with Tempo for probably twenty minutes, I proceeded to use Eupho Classic, MGX, Progasm Classic, one-by-one in tandem. Tempo has become a spark plug for providing impetus for great sessions. The heft of its stainless steel design magnifies and amplifies the power of my sessions. I do very little,
    but actually I sit back and let the models work on me. Gentle rhythmic breathing adds fuel to my sessions. I have sweet, powerful Aless which lasts for the rest of the day and beyond!
    This past Friday, we had rainy, but also springlike weather temperatures in the 50’s, 60’s, and even the 70’s. I just loved how both Helix Classic and Maximus, along with progasm classic. I let Helix Classic just its job on me. He went on and on. I could have let him go freely so much I would have gotten a Super-O!
    Tonight I am already dressed for bed wearing sweats and a pair of Munsingwear Kangaroo Pouch briefs, a jockstrap over it, and a Nutty Buddy Cup in the jock pouch. It feels so good. Can wait to wear all this to bed and do Kegels in this athletic cup/jockstrap combo. Take care!
    P.S. no. 1: Tempo has also enhanced the vitality and verve of my Aless. In recent post sessions, I have noticed that my Aless has been focused upon both the root and bulb of my penis. Aless also travels up the shaft of my penis even to my Glans. Sweet!

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