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These things are like pokemon

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I initially got the DeVice on accident because the sex shop didn't have the Helix in stock.  Brought it home, put it in, and enjoyed some pretty new sensations but no orgasm.  Upon further online reading I ordered the Helix direct from Aneros.  I then started dwelling in the forums gathering knowledge while waiting for delivery and decided to get a Progasm because it was on sale.  Helix came in yesterday and despite difference in size, it has definitely proven pretty formidable.  The statements covering maneuverability in reviews are accurate.  The Helix moves around of its own volition.  Today the Progasm arrived and I promptly put it in.  Just like the DeVice and Helix, it promptly drove itself home.  All 3 have their own definite character and give slightly varying sensations while all feeling great.  I can't help wanting the other models now...

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I concur.  I find the Eupho model is more lively in the mobility department.  It is my favorite so far. 

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