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What was that - an anal orgasm or a super O?

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Today was an orgasm about 15-30 secs. I don't know exactly where, maybe in the center of the abdomen.

I found description of anal orgasm on this forum. "Very deep orgasm distinctly centered in rectum: anal orgasm"
Also description of Super O. "Unexpected extremely strong orgasm that knocks the reality out of you"

So, in my case was- orgasm in rectum, that knocks the reality out of you.
This orgasm was in the morning stronger than a regular ejaculatory orgasm by a factor of 10. Moreover, I received it without any stimulation or toys. Just in the evening before that, there was a little anal stimulation and that's it. There was a feeling of being out of body and a fear that involuntary moans would start again, not fully controlling myself in this state. And it's like the brain's recording device is turned off, like in a dream. When it's over, you realize that this experience was with you and it's definitely not a dream.

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Amazing! Congratulations! I always worry this will happen in a not-so-suitable moment 😀

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Sounds like it may have been an anal orgasm! Those are equally enjoyable and feel good! Prostate orgasms usually build up and can last a long time. You can feel your prostate as it grows from the intense pleasure and eventually causes body shaking and  long pleasurable orgasm!

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@waxa if the feeling was internal, and lasted almost 30 seconds, it might've been a Super O, if you had a slight "out of body" experience. I feel this strong wave kind of wash through my body from head to toe or toe to head, like an EMP that goes through my head or something like it that makes me feel "clean" or "reset". My anal orgasms tend to be short bursts of very pleasurable spasms that are focused in my anus or rectum, my prostate is for sure involved, but its localized and super pleasurable really just in my genitals or pelvis. My Super Os tend to resonate there strongly, but I can feel it race through my whole body.

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