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I just felt... Amaz...
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I just felt... Amazing

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This is basically a copypaste from a Reddit post I made. I'm not so sure where to start this post, I have so much stuff to share in my mind... I hope I can let it all out somewhat cohesively.

tl;dr: I felt a wonderful sensation in my prostate and lower body, paired with mental bliss.

My journey has been an on and off one. Usually I do sessions for a while then I just forget about it for months. Also the 'major historical event' took away my mental health so anerosing wasn't my top priority.

Anyway, recently I've been getting back to the Aneros community, lurking for a bit, having a couple of sessions. I'm also cumming a lot less usually these past weeks, which made my arousal increase. Last session I didn't have much fun. It felt good, it intensified my ejaculatory orgasm. Nice. But this time, it was definitely a new sensation. Well, actually, it didn't feel unfamiliar. It felt both new and familiar at the same time, if that makes sense.

I started by smoking some ouid. I know this step isn't necessary, I just wanted to. I watched some porn before inserting the MGX (modified tailless version). I also watched a bit of porn while using the MGX but eventually I just listened to the sound of it. I began touching my nipples, laying up feet on the bed. My sheets were covering my legs, I think that's worth mentioning cause it allows you to relax your legs at angles you can't do bare naked.

After a few minutes I felt my prostate and nipples more, and I switched the porn off. I searched for some binaural beats (I can link the video in the comments if you guys would like me to). At first I didn't actually like my selection but, eventually, my prostate began heartbeating. Every beat would give me a localized pleasurable sensation. I rubbed my nipples gently and slowly. I was doing nothing but relax my whole body and rub my nips slowly. I didn't move anything down there voluntarily.

The sensations began to increase in intensity and radius of action. It's like my prostate was radiating pleasure outside of it. I can't say for sure I felt it all around my body, but I did feel it in my legs and core. Not only that, I was feeling joy, euphoria. It's true. It is really true. I was in fact in disbelief. I could hold the excitement and continue feeling that sensation. I'd say it was around 2-3 min. It just felt amazing. It's really hard to describe indeed. I don't wanna label it. Cause it's really nothing like a regular orgasm. It's just pure enjoyment. Your prostate feels good, your cock feels good, your legs feel good, your body feels good. Your head feels good. And by that I mean your mind. It feels peaceful and joyful.

I know this has been probably influenced by ouid a lot, but I'm just happy I felt that. It's one of those feelings and sensations that make life worth living.

Tips from someone that doesn't have a clue what he's doing (aka me): relax. Really, relax. Just feel it, feel your legs, feel your core, feel your prostate. Find the positions that work best for you. Mine is the stated above. Don't get frustrated.. or do! It's normal to feel frustrated!

These shitposts about crazy success stories? Come on, those can get really unmotivational, even if they're trying to be the opposite. So yeah, I understand your frustration, but let that fuel your desire. Want to feel good, to have a good time, to enjoy your body, to feel happy, let go! If you're cranky about it you won't enjoy the ride. And that ride is part of the pleasure. Just enjoy!

Also, I don't know what to call this whole thing. I wouldn't dare compare it to a regular orgasm. In fact, I wouldn't classify it as an orgasm the way we usually think of one. This was just bliss paired with bodily pleasure. It felt completely different than an orgasm. A wonderful experience indeed!

If you have questions let me know 😉

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As for things feeling good you forgot hair and fingernails LOL.

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I feel like the experience being described is just short of a super O.  I know that wholesome, pleasurable, relaxing, radiating feeling from the Aneros toys, but the SOs I've had are shaking, paralyzing, and mind-numbing.  I've probably only had 2 SOs since I've started using the products 6 months ago, and the ouid definitely helps relax: I actually feel bad for people who haven't tried it with ouid.

That being said, the binaural beats audio is another intensifying component.  I've cum without touching my body (hfo), or using any aneros product at all, by just listening to binaural beats.  If you could provide the track you were listening to, I would love to check it out!  Thanks for sharing your experience and tips.

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