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It’s all real

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Tried helix trident syn first time with wife, I’m 42, wife is 39. I never done any anal play before. I’ve read all the posts here for the past five months and tried to learn what to do before hand, it took that long for both of us to want to do it. 

I laid down in bed with her next to me reading a book. It went in easy enough and then I just laid there for a min or two, kind of playing with it and feeling it inside of me. I started kegels and not long after my first ever wave hit, it probably lasted about a minute. My body, legs, and arms all shook uncontrollably. My wife was in awe and asked if it was real, she thought it was weird. I laid there for awhile longer (not sure exact time) and had another more intense one, body did the same thing just faster and harder. My wife got into it on that one and put the book down and started playing with herself. I told her before hand, I didn’t want her to touch me as I wanted to try it for awhile first. My third and final one came after about 5-10 minutes and it was way more intense than the other two. My head shook side to side and lasted way longer. Once it was done I had to cum, everything just felt sooo good. It didn’t take long for me to finish and the amount and distance of it was unreal. It felt like I was 16 again, all over my face, head, and even wall behind my bed was covered! My wife finished at the same time, she said after she barley touched herself, just watching me got her to the end. . It wasn’t anything I expected, I did expect something cool to happen, but holly hell this was epic. It’s been a week now and that’s all my wife and I talk about. Anyways, if you’re thinking about it then do it, you won’t regret it. 

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Lucky bastard, the best is yet to cum.

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